Group trainings are conducted either as a full day hands-on workshop or as a 90 minute speaking session.

They are designed to meet the specific requirements of various audience profiles as follows:

  1. Personal Finance for the income earner

Current education system only teaches you how to earn an income. Not how to manage the income. This has resulted in generation after generation managing their money by trial and error, getting their priorities wrong and making costly mistakes in the process.

This programme enables participants to take massive action to improve their financial lives.

Audience Profile – Any group of people who makes money and want to manage it better. Examples: Professional Associations, Management Associations, Group of Entrepreneurs, Employees Unions, Alumni groups, Residents Associations, Clubs, NGOs.

  1. Personal Finance for families

Family finance is a team game. It needs co-operation from every member of the family. However, finance is something which is rarely discussed in homes.

The programme aims to bring all family members on the same page, helps family to take critical action steps to bring in family financial discipline, ensures that the next generation is not required to learn by trial and error and in the process raises the overall financial quotient of the family.

Audience Profile – Group of Families consisting of bread winner, spouse and children above 15 years of age.

  1. Personal Finance for Housewives

Often, women of the family are never exposed to handling money. This makes them vulnerable in the unfortunate event of something happening to the financial decision maker of the family.

The programme equips women with the skills to handle money on their own and give them confidence in taking the right financial decisions.

Audience Profile – Women professional associations, Women’s Associations, Ladies Clubs, Resident’s Associations, NGOs for women, Women Entrepreneur groups, Women empowerment groups etc

  1. Personal Finance for retired persons

Retired people face many challenges which society has not paid much attention to. Examples: Getting sold a wrong product which wipes out their savings. Low returns and inflation eroding their buying power. Concerns about estate planning.

This programme is designed exclusively to address the specific concerns of retired people.

Audience Profile – Retired or people about to go into retirement

  1. Goal setting for Young persons

This is a flagship programme conducted by Brijesh and is closely connected with the passion of empowering people to do work that matters to them and to the world.

The programme helps youngsters broaden their horizons, make them dream big and dream right. It helps them to live a life full of choices – professionally, financially, and socially.


  • Start with the end in mind
  • Unleash the potential
  • Discover the niche “You”
  • Build it step by step
  • Thrive in a disruptive world
  • What you need to know before getting your first salary
  • Tough times never last but tough people do

Audience Profile – Students of Professional colleges, Arts & Science Colleges, Plus two schools, students’ Fest etc.


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