“For a medical doctor, time is the most precious resource. Between our practice, keeping ourselves updated, giving quality time to family etc., managing finance and learning the skills to manage it well takes a backseat. Brijesh addresses this gap effectively. Whether it is his flexible meeting schedules or his jargon free explanation or the auto-pilot modes and the customized investment strategies that he recommend – all are designed to overcome the challenges that a doctor faces”. 

Dr. Easwar T.R MBBS, DNB(Orth), MNAMS, Consultant Paediatric Orthopaedic & Spine Surgeon, Coimbatore & Palakkad


“I have known Brijesh for a while as a colleague who is hardworking, sincere, ethical, committed and focussed. When Brijesh informed about his decision to become a full time financial consultant and trainer, I quickly reached out to him and requested him to help me with my financial planning. His research and grip on the subject would take even seasoned financial service professionals by surprise. Unlike many other consultants, Brijesh do not give off-the shelf advices which are standard and publicly available in the newspapers and magazines. Apart from his gold standard work ethics, what would be a pleasant surprise is how deep he goes into studying each and every customer’s need, and the amount of time he invests in it. After consulting with Brijesh, I have a lot of clarity on my family portfolio, financial goals and what I should do to achieve them.

In a world of greedy brokers who work on commission and push the product that benefits them the most, the business model that Brijesh brings in is like the Oasis in a desert where he advises his customers to invest directly with the companies and thereby save on the broker commission. The fixed fee charged by Brijesh is extremely reasonable and among the lowest in the country, which a genuine investor would only be happy to pay for an unmatchable service. The fact that he doesn’t get commission for a single product he recommends, makes it a fully transparent and unbiased advice. 

I look forward to keep engaging with Brijesh and take his advisory seriously towards realising my financial goals. I have no doubt Brijesh would achieve great success in his new entrepreneurial role and in the process would make many families realise their financial goals. My Best wishes to Brijesh and BVare team”.                                       

Rajesh Krishnan, Bangalore, INSEAD Alumni, Executive Vice President at one of India’s leading Financial Services Company


“I was under the impression that a Certified Financial Planner is similar to a mutual fund or insurance advisor till I met Brijesh. By the end of the second meeting, I was totally convinced of the difference and the value that Brijesh can bring to my financial health. Discussions with him made a sea change in my attitude towards savings, investments, loans, insurance etc. The fact that he is a fee only financial planner and does not sell financial products make his recommendations more authentic and trustworthy”.

Dr.Jayakrishnan, BAMS, MD, MBA Senior Consultant, District Ayurveda Hospital, Palakkad


“Coming from an engineering background and having had some bad experiences with sellers of financial products, I was looking for an unbiased adviser who had the experience, expertise and doesn’t engage in commission driven business.

It was at that point that I came across Brijesh’s blogs which gave me some original perspectives on managing my personal finance. I e-mailed him to clarify certain things on my existing investments which neither the sellers of those products nor their call centres were able to explain to my satisfaction. He answered all my queries in a crystal clear and lay man language which convinced me that I was dealing with someone who knew what he was talking about.

I checked whether he can be my adviser but he politely declined explaining that he was employed in financial industry at that time which resulted in a conflict of interest. However, he promised that he will let me know when he starts his own firm.

He kept his promise when he started BVare. Exactly what I was looking for. And here I am”.

Kannan Sidharth, Tech Lead, Allianz Technology, Technopark, Trivandrum


“During my recent vacation to Kerala, I met Brijesh and learning about his investment advisory profession, I asked him to help me with some good fund names to invest. He told me that there are a lot of things he should know about my financial situation and goals before he can help me. I decided to give it a try and went to his office. Over the next two hours, I was made to think and talk about my financials like I had never done before in my life. He made me fish out details of some of my liabilities which I had never taken seriously. He clearly showed me the areas where I needed to work to get my finance in order. Wish I had this discussion some years earlier. Better late than never”.

Abid Ali, Abu Dhabi Ports, UAE