How does our Consultancy work for you?

We start by knowing  “YOU” – Your personal preferences, professional challenges, financial apprehensions…This knowledge helps us to help you better.

1. Get organised

It is easy to lose track of all those Bank accounts, investments, insurances, loans, credit cards…. We help you to get everything in one place and understand the current picture.

2. Get in control

Identify cash flow trends, make necessary adjustments, set budgets, and create cash flows for investing.

3. Set Goals

Convert your financial dreams into S.M.A.R.T goals – Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Time bound

4. Strategize

Create a practical and holistic strategy to meet those goals – Covering cashflow planning, investment planning, tax planning, insurance optimization, Estate planning etc

5. Implement

Help you implement the strategy in the most cost-efficient methods. Eg: If you need to buy a mutual fund or term insurance as part of the recommendation and you don’t how to do it, we will teach you how to buy the same without middlemen (this is a life skill by the way).

6. Review

Calenderized reviews, need-based consultation in between reviews, ensuring things actually get done as planned.

Blanket benefits

  • Protects you from making financial mistakes
  • Acts as an anchor for your financial behaviour amidst all the noise around
  • Educates you all along thus increasing your overall F.Q (Financial Quotient) in the process

Need-based consultation

If you want consultation on only a specific pain area and not the entire picture as above, no worries. We do provide need-based consultation as well.